Since 1980, it has been the philosophy of Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning to treat each project as though it were our own.  Doing our best to offer our customers the best experience possible for their HVAC needs. Our staff is friendly and easy to work with and able to provide the best heating and air conditioning service for you and your family.

As an experienced and knowledgeable HVAC contractor, we provide a comprehensive array of air conditioning and furnace services. The weather in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding area is often unpredictable, and homeowners depend on their heating and cooling equipment to keep the indoor environment safe, comfortable and healthy. We make sure your home comfort system continues to perform efficiently over an extended lifecycle.

HVAC Services

Our efforts are always focused on keeping your cooling and heating equipment operating at peak performance. In addition to HVAC installation, repair and maintenance, we provide a variety of complimentary services that can help keep your home clean, fresh and free of airborne contaminants.

* Air Conditioners: Summer weather in the Midwest is often humid and very hot, and air conditioning is a necessity, especially for homes with young children or elderly residents. We carry a variety of different central air conditioning options designed for every budget level and efficiency expectation. This includes units with two-stage compressors and variable speed blowers for the ultimate in comfort and energy savings.

* Furnaces: Older gas furnaces are usually only 60 percent efficient, which means 40 percent of the consumed fuel is wasted. Modern furnace models are available in efficiencies up to 98.5 percent and feature two-stage burners, a variable speed blower and modulating gas valve technology.

* Air Cleaners: Central filtration is a foundational element in an effective indoor air quality (IAQ) strategy. Filters work by trapping pollutants as the air is circulated through the HVAC system. ASHRAE developed the MERV rating method so that homeowners can easily compare the efficiency of different brands and models of filters. In order to trap ultra-fine particles, most IAQ professionals recommend installing a filter with rating of at least MERV 7.

* Humidifiers: Central humidifiers regulate the moisture content of the air inside your home. Excessively dry air creates an IAQ hazard since contaminants stay airborne for longer periods. When the HVAC system operates, these pollutants are transferred from room to room until they are unwittingly inhaled by an occupant. Humidifiers use sensors to sample the air and introduce steam or an atomized mist into the airstream when necessary.

* Thermostats: Programmable thermostats can save up to 30 percent on annual heating and cooling costs when used properly. User created setpoints raise or lower the temperature when the building is empty to maximize energy savings. The temperature is adjusted back to the normal setting just before the first occupant arrives home. Advanced smart thermostats eliminate programming requirements completely by automatically adjusting the temperature setting based on the user’s living habits.

* Garage Heaters: Infrared garage heating provides exceptional comfort and efficiency. Fuel is converted directly into usable energy since the infrared heating process only affects people and objects. Infrared waves travel through the air with very little loss of energy, which is similar to how the sun heats the earth. A burner box and booster fan heat a series of tubes, and the thermal energy is disbursed evenly throughout the room. When installing a gas appliance, always remember to use a licensed, bonded and insured gas piping expert who will pressure test the lines to confirm the integrity of the system.

* Dryer Vent Cleaning: Clogged dryer vents are responsible for over 16,000 fires annually. Professional dryer vent cleaning services include clearing the dryer vent pathway, checking for leaks and sealing elbows and connections. Venting that is clogged with lint can raise the cost of drying clothes by as much as $30 a month.

Experience Our Total Comfort Solutions

We are proud to offer complete HVAC installation, indoor air quality, repair and maintenance services for people living in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding area. We invite you to call in today and speak to one of our courteous design consultants to find out more about the benefits of purchasing a new furnace and air conditioning system.